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Interactive Version of Speech Sample

This includes a funny promo and gives you the opportunity to interact with the video. To view each section of the speech separately, scroll down to the section below for the Outlive Version of Speech Sample.

Outline Version of Speech Sample

Speech Introduction

Coach Troy shares a story of how playing for his first coach turned his life around and is the reason he is a coach today. Because life doesn't play fair, he believes all Gen Zers need to know three very important Cheat Codes to succeed in life. 

(3:42 min sample)

Cheat Code #1:  Expectations

The first Cheat Code to life is set expectations only you can control. Coach Troy supports this cheat code by asking if they would rather be a dog or a cat. More often than not, students choose dogs and find out why that may not be the right answer. 

(3:49 min sample)

Cheat Code #2:  Ignore the Score

One of the most heartfelt stories in the speech comes with Cheat Code #2: Ignore the Score and Always Take the Second Shot.  So many students feel like they don't measure up and it's because they are focusing on someone else's scoreboard. 

(3:30 min sample)

Cheat Code #3:  K-N-O-W Money

Personal Finance isn't taught in many public schools resulting in a large number of adults that are in financial trouble. Coach Troy gives each student a chance to learn about money while earning money through his sponsor Copper Banking.  

(3:32 min sample)

Speech Conclusion 

By the time the speech is done, students will be encouraged, inspired, and hopeful for a brighter future because they have learned about three of the four cheat codes to life. What's the fourth cheat code? 

(1:26 min sample)

Feedback from Others

"I've been listening to PAYBAC speakers the past six years or so and you were the most engaging speaker I've had so far."

– PE Teacher at Schofield Middle School

"You've been the best speaker I've seen!"

– Junior Achievement Southern Nevada for Silverado High School

"Thank you very much Coach Troy. I only wish we could have had you longer."

– PE Teacher at Keller Middle School

"I really liked having you! Truth be told, I had planned on getting some work done while you were speaking, but alas, that did not happen. Thanks for keeping me engaged. I have NEVER had (student name) participate that much in class."

– Math Teacher at Gibson Middle School