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Peter Lynch

Founder and CEO of Hitch Studio, Keynote Speaker and Author of The UGLY Advantage

“Anyone working in sales and looking for fresh ideas? Look no further!  Troy is your man. Love what he is doing...”

2min WBW

Join me every Wednesday for a Two Minute WhiteBoard session where we discuss ways to engage your audience using a deeper level of emotional intelligence.


4am Daily Wake Up

The 4am Daily Wake Up Podcast is your morning kick in the pants from Coach Troy with a positive word of encouragement. Having a fulfilled life comes from our daily wins. You got it! Now go get it! I expect it. 


Does anyone still do the written word? Yes, I do. 

From time to time I'll write a blog relating to my passions: B.E.S.T. (Business, Entertainment, Sports, and Technology)


Troy Ritchie is a Storyteller, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Coach.


He is a creator of the Pitch Free Closing sales methodology that uses storyselling when engaging the middle six of your target audience. In April of 2018, Troy launched a weekly video called, Two Minute WhiteBoard Wednesday (2minWBW) that helps brands engage their target audience using a greater level of emotional intelligence.  


Later that year, Troy launched a daily podcast called the 4am Daily Wake Up (4amDWU) that helps individuals identify their passions to live a more fulfilled life. 


Troy also volunteers for several programs servicing the Clark County Public School District in the Las Vegas market. According to the National Assessment of Education Progress, schools in the state of Nevada ranked no higher than 43rd in all categories.  Troy uses humor and provides hope to students by sharing his personal experiences of growing up as a skinny, 'white,' preacher's kid, with a learning disability, on the Big Island of Hawaii 


If you are interested in having Troy speak at your conference or school, please email or call. 

The key in sales is persistence without pushiness. I found these qualities in Troy during one of our engagements a few years ago. I would recommend Troy as one of the best sales people I have met.

Scott Smith

Sr. Technology Director

Troy is one of the most dedicated and relentless salesmen I've ever worked with. His relentless nature shouldn't be taken as abrasiveness though-- he manages to walk the line of persistent and respectful in a way that is extremely difficult when trying to break into new markets. 

Alexis Vergalla

Recruiting Manager

Noah Roehl

Sr. Real Estate Manager

Troy has great vision and carefully listens to suggestions and ideas for improvements in product delivery.

Tanya Bacon

HR Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics

Troy is a truly amazing man. He is incredibly outgoing and capable of coordinating many jobs, projects and activities at the same time.​

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